Tobias Orgelman Jonson

Orgelman does not break the ice - he crushes it!

The DJ

With a background in radio, festivals, and in the night life of Stockholm Orgelman own the stage when he's on it, but he's humble enough to share the stages with other artists.
No one will shine over him, but if they try, he'll will step up the game and take it personally.

The Speaker

With experience, and a high school education, Orgelman is a safe speaker and presenter. He've hosted a radio show and presented events in huge venus and small consert halls.
Orgelman has an education from both high school, the Swedish Church and the Swedish Goverment in speaking and know how to make his audiance listen.

The Developer

Without a website, you don't exist... A clean and stable website is the portal to higher rates, without a website, you have no chance in todays society.
Orgelman have helped numerus artist and others with thier websites, he's also the co-founder of the global network of creative minds Afripeans.

The music

When Orgelman preform he does it with the intensety of one thousands lightnings, listen to some recordings from his preformences and on his music.